Engine Service and Repair

Auto Repair with Personal Care

Your vehicle’s engine is one of the most complex and advanced systems in your vehicle. It has many moving parts with extremely tight tolerences which leaves little margin for error when it comes to repair and maintanence. Closely following the vehicle’s recommended service intervals will allow your vehicle’s engine to last a long time.

Engine Repair

Today’s engines are very technologically advanced, and with proper maintenance will rarely experience failure. However, in the rare instance that troubles occur we employ technicians with an average of 24 years of experience to ensure the quality of your repairs. Our industry leading lifetime parts and labor warranty ensures your confidence in the repairs we perform.

Ignition Systems

Ignition timing in an internal combustion engine is the process of setting the time that a spark will occur in the combustion chamber (during the power stroke) relative to piston position and crankshaft angular velocity. Setting the correct ignition timing is crucial in the performance of an engine. The ignition timing affects many variables including engine longevity, fuel economy, and engine power.

Modern engines that are controlled by an engine control unit use a computer to control the timing throughout the engine’s RPM range. Older engines that use mechanical spark distributors rely on inertia (by using rotating weights and springs) and manifold vacuum in order to set the ignition timing throughout the engine’s RPM range. There are many factors that influence ignition timing. These include which type of ignition system is used, engine speed and load, which components are used in the ignition system, and the settings of the ignition system components. Usually, any major engine changes or upgrades will require a change to the ignition timing settings of the engine.

Fuel Systems

Fuel system components such as the fuel pump, fuel injectors, pressure regulator and fuel module are all susceptible to damage or poor performance unless properly maintained. The best maintenance for your fuel supply system to maintain proper performance, emission controls and fuel economy is fuel fuel filter replacement every 18 months, servicing the fuel injectors every 50,000 miles, and using top tier fuel from brand name fuel suppliers.