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Suspension Services

The suspension system is what keeps your car going down the road in a straight line, and is also responsible for smoothing out the bumps in the road. A properly maintained suspension system can also improve your vehicles fuel economy.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers or shocks were built to help absorb the up-and-down shock created by the springs whenever a vehicle hits a bump. Aside from absorbing the impact, they also keep the car or truck easily maneuverable even after a bumpy ride. Over time shock absorbers can go bad, causing a bouncy ride, and poor vehicle performance which could result in loss of control of your vehicle.


The steering rack is composed of a rack enclosed with a steering pinion. It is connected to the steering wheel through a series of shafts and joints. As the steering wheel is turned, the pinion moves and pushes the steering rack either to the left or right. The ends of the steering rack are connected to the front wheels so the steering rack inputs and turns them to the left or the right as well.

A power steering rack utilizes an engine-driven pump to supply high-pressure hydraulic fluid to the steering rack when the wheel is turned. This enables an easier turning of the steering rack. This also means that there are several hoses and many seals and o-rings to contain the hydraulic fluid.

If the power steering rack wears out badly, it will start to leak. The absence of the hydraulic fluid will result to a hard, difficult steering. This is the right time to replace a new or re-conditioned replacement steering rack.

Wheel Alignment

Our brand new, state-of-the-art wheel alignment equipment meets or exceeds all new vehicle manufactures specifications and ensures the longest tire life and fuel economy for your late model vehicle. Your suspension and steering system consists of many parts that allow for a smooth ride and control of the vehicle under normal driving conditions and hard braking.

Over time your suspension components are subject to moving and shifting which, in turn, results in the mis-alignment of the wheels and tires. Unless periodic adjustment (wheel alignment) is performed the vehicle may become more difficult to handle in harsh or panic situations and excessive tire wear will result. Be sure to have your wheel alignment inspected and adjusted annually to ensure safety and reduced tire wear.